What are Government Relations and Administrative Law?

In short, administrative law is the area of law that manages your legal rights in relationship to a government or regulatory group.

Administrative law deals with government boards, regulatory agencies, and professional associations, the groups that manage, regulate or mandate our daily lives. These organizations tend to have involvement in our legal rights and obligations. Therefore, administrative law helps individuals protect their rights and benefits (that are subject to the discretionary powers of these government bodies) and ensure they’re dealt with in a procedurally-fair and unbiased manner.

What can Ahlstrom Wright do for your Administrative Law Case?

First, we can help you deal with any level of government decision maker. You shouldn’t feel intimidated to deal with big government, and we’re here to guide you through that process. Second, we are here to assist you in preparing applications and/or we can advocate on your behalf at hearings before decision making boards and tribunals.

Our goal is always to ensure you are well-represented and have the complete understanding you need of the process before, during and after you pursue or defend a case with a governing body.

Our government relations and administrative lawyers in Sherwood Park, AB and in Yellowknife, NT are here to serve you.

If you require assistance addressing a government, tribunal, or organization, or if you need professional legal advice for an Administrative Law case, contact Ahlstrom Wright for a free consultation.


Areas and Industries Within Administrative Law Include:

  • Professional regulation and governance
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Expropriation
  • Municipal Law and Land Use
  • Energy and utilities
  • Privacy
  • Human Rights

Examples of Government and Regulatory Bodies in Alberta