What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the process of resolving a legal dispute between two parties. In cases of civil litigation one, or both, of the parties will be seeking compensation (usually money or performance) from the other for an injury suffered as a result of the other party’s action (or inaction). Your lawyer represents you in negotiations, in court, and at trial.

Areas of Civil Litigation Include:

General litigation, debt collection, builders’ liens, estate litigation, small claims court, personal injury, employment disputes, business disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, and defamation (libel and slander). Our lawyers will assist you at all levels of the Court, including Provincial, Territorial, the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories, and the Court of Appeal.

If you have a dispute you need to solve, our lawyers are here to help you do that as effectively as possible. We understand some disputes are not easy to resolve, but we take the time to understand your needs, to help you understand the legal process, and give you the opportunity to decide what the best course of action is for you, whatever the situation you’re dealing with is.

Civil Litigation Lawyers Serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Alberta; as well as Yellowknife and Communities of the Northwest Territories

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