The Court of Queen’s Bench recently issued a Decision in Infiniti Homes Ltd v Gagnon, 2020 ABQB 691. In this Decision, Justice R.A. Graesser answered the question of what “Without Prejudice” on a letter means.   What does the term “without prejudice” mean legally? The Court confirmed that marking something as “without prejudice” is not…

Should Bruce have to pay Jean for fixing up his building? You Be The Judge!

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Should East River Cemeteries pay for the loss of the urns? You Be The Judge!

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Do you believe Chris’ insurance company is responsible for damages for calling Chris an arsonist? You Be The Judge!
If you are in need of a lawyer in Sherwood Park or Edmonton, give the lawyers at Ahlstrom Wright a call!

Builders’ Liens: What are they? How long do I have to file one? What is the process of filing a builders’ lien in Alberta? How can Ahlstrom Wright help you with claiming for unpaid work?

Should David’s mother’s insurance pay for David’s veterinary costs? You Be The Judge!

Many clients believe that if they are successful in their matter, they will get all of their legal costs reimbursed by the other side. This is almost never the case without a prior agreement. Continue reading to learn what the term “costs” really means.

Do you believe the Dynasty family should get the money Jason received from selling their father’s land? You be the Judge!

Do you think Linda and Gaston should have to pay the bank? You be the Judge!

Does the money from the house belong to Mildred or her grand-daughter? You Be The Judge!