The waiter took away the “Reserved” sign as the five ladies squeezed around the small ringside table.

“Enjoy the show, ladies. What would you like to drink?”

As the ladies ordered their drinks, one of the women at the next table recognized her neighbour in the new group.

“Gillian, what a surprise, I thought you were so straight-laced. What are you doing at the Superbar’s male striptease Ladies Night?”

Gillian blushed. She mumbled. “It’s my birthday. My friends insisted that we come here.”

Suddenly Gillian worked up her courage. “And what are you doing here, Miss Woman of the World?”

Gillian’s neighbor grinned from ear to ear. “I wouldn’t miss Ladies Night for the world. Too much fun. Just you wait and see.”

The lights dimmed, and the male striptease routine started.

The crowd of women went wild, laughing, joking, yelling at the top of their lungs.

“Take it off, take it off, why are you taking so much time!!!!!!!!!”

In the back of the room, the two owners were standing counting the crowd.

“Jerry, the smartest thing we ever did was to turn Mondays into Ladies Night, who would have thought the ladies would pack the place?”

Jerry, the other owner, looked a little worried. “Ben, have you seen that guy over there before? Looks like a shakedown artist.”

Jerry peered over and returned to his counting. “Nah, nothing to worry about, he’s been here several Ladies Nights before. Must be one of “those.”

The next day, Jerry was pacing back and forth in his office and waving a piece of paper at Ben and shouting at the top of his voice.

“You know who that guy was standing around last night? An inspector from the Liquor and Gaming Authority. See this paper. They’re closing our restaurant down for five days. Says we’ve violated the Alcohol Control Regulation section which forbids a striptease in a place which has a liquor license.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Fight it, that’s what. We stand to lose too much money if we shut down Ladies Night. That section is unconstitutional. Against freedom of expression. Put on your coat, Ben. We’re going to court.”


The Superbar was still hot when it argued: “Your Honour, the provision in the Alcohol Control Regulations that prevents striptease routines is against the Charter. It violates the freedom of expression guarantee. Make the Commission lift the suspension of our restaurant permit.”

The Liquor and Gaming Authority replied: “Your Honour, the provision in the Alcohol Control Regulations does not violate the Charter’s freedom of expression clause. The provision is part of the conditions to obtain a liquor license. If the bar wishes to keep its licence, it must obey the rules.”

Should the suspension against the Superbar be lifted? You! Be the Judge. Then look below for the decision.

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“The Liquor and Gaming Authority must lift the suspension. The ban on striptease in your law is unconstitutional and against the Charter’s freedom of expression rights.”