Right after class a group of John Ancen’s Grade 10 students ran down the stairs of the subway and lined up on the platform waiting eagerly for the next train. They were chattering up a storm.

Only one student was quiet, Jason, a fifteen-year old graphics student. He was staring straight ahead thinking of what he was going to do on his graphics assignment.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Jason was jolted out of his thoughts and focused on William, the student who had just spoken to him.

“Sorry about that. I was just thinking about my assignment.”

William stared down at Jason, his face contorted with hate.

“Wimps like you don’t deserve to live.”

Before Jason knew what was happening, William snatched a knife out of his pocket and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

The students standing on the platform were paralyzed with horror as they saw Jason slump to the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood.

William dashed for the exit.

Someone cried out, “Stop that guy, call the police!”

William escaped.

Eight days later, the police finally found him. He was arrested and brought in for questioning.

Sergeant Gulliver reported the results to the Chief.

“That boy is one tough cookie. He’s not sorry in the least. Not one bit of remorse.”

“Maybe he’s nuts, mentally disturbed. Did you have him examined by mental health?”

“Yeah, didn’t lead anywhere. The guy is perfectly sane. He’s just a born cold-blooded killer.”

“Does he have a criminal record?”

“Nah, Chief, we checked that out. But we spoke to his teachers. Seems he has a history for beating up kids. When he murdered Jason, he had been suspended from class for the brutal way he dealt with kids.”

“No doubt in my mind, Sergeant. This is no aimless troubled adolescent student. He’s got to be tried for murder as an adult in adult court.”

“But he’s just under 16.”

“Listen Sergeant. This guy murdered a fellow student in cold blood. No Youth Protection court for him. I’m sure the Crown Prosecutor will agree when he reads this file.”

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The Crown Prosecutor did agree and argued in court ”Your Honour, this boy has a history of rough behavior. His lack of remorse suggests that he is likely to commit another violent crime. It is our duty to protect society from his behaviour, which would be best achieved by trying him under adult laws.”

William was sullen: “Your Honour, I’ve been suspended from school for fighting, but what 15 year old hasn’t? I’ve never been in trouble with the law before. Please don’t ruin my life by sending me to adult court.”

Should William be tried for murder under adult laws? You! Be The Judge. Then look below for the decision.


“Send William to Youth Court,” ordered the judge. “There is no proof that the boy can’t be rehabilitated within the youth court system. Teen years are a time of rapid change, which may account for his behavior.”