“Thelma, can you get the Jefferson file?” Marty asked his wife.

“Sure, honey.”

Marty studied Thelma carefully. “You’ve certainly got a bounce in your step these days. What are you up to?”

Thelma laughed. “What a vivid imagination. Anyway, we’re separated, remember? Let’s just stick to being business partners.”


“Lighten up,” Thelma said. “Earnest Bradley will be here soon to go over his marketing report.”

“Bet you can’t wait to see Mr. Gorgeous,” Marty muttered.

“Oh please!”

Earnest appeared at the door. He cleared his throat awkwardly. “I’m a little early…”

Thelma ran up. “Come sit down.”

Bradley smiled graciously. “Well, aren’t you looking lovely, Thelma.” Thelma blushed.

After the meeting, Marty pounced on Thelma. “Something’s going on between you and Earnest!”

Thelma rolled her eyes. “He’s just a flirt.”

The next day, Thelma was taking an extra long lunch hour.

Marty was suspicious. “She’s up to something.”

He called Earnest. He wasn’t at the office so he tried his cell phone.

Bradley answered breathlessly. “What’s up? I’m kind of busy.”

“You’re having an affair with my wife as we speak!” Marty accused.

“You’re a lunatic,” Earnest shot back.

Marty began pacing. “I know he’s lying.”

Meanwhile, Thelma was sweating up a storm at her power yoga class.

“Oh, Shirely,” Thelma complained to her friend during the plough position. “Marty is impossible. I can’t take it anymore.”

Thelma was back in the office an hour later.

“Ahah!” Marty declared.

“Ahah what?” Thelma asked.

“You were at Earnest’s…having an affair!” Marty yelled. “I never want to see you or work with you again.”

“Please! I haven’t been near Earnest. I was at yoga class. Oh forget it!” Thelma stormed out.

That night, Marty called Thelma. “Okay, I forgive you. Please come back to the office.”

Thelma barked back. “Well I don’t forgive YOU! You’re not a stable partner. I want you to sell me your share in the business.”

Marty gasped. “Never!”

“Then see you in court!” Thelma announced.

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“Your Honour,” Thelma began, “Marty’s obsession with my personal life has made me lose confidence in his ability to be a stable business partner. Make him sell me his share.”

“Come on,” pleaded Marty. “I’ve forgiven Thelma for all the problems we had and I think we work well together. If she can’t work with me, she should sell me her shares. Why should I lose all my hard work?”

Should Marty be forced to sell? You! Be The Judge. Then look below for the court’s decision.


“Sell your shares, Marty,” held Judge Gregory. “Thelma understandably lost confidence when Marty declared that he didn’t trust her and wanted her out of the business. Marty must hand over his shares to Thelma for fair market price.”