“A toast to the bride and groom!” The wedding guests held up their glasses under the moonlight in Budapest.

Igor looked deeply into Mary’s eyes. “I will give you a wonderful life…the life of a dentist’s wife in Canada, the land of opportunity.”

An hour later, Igor was smoking a cigar outside with his friend, Benjamin. “Everything’s falling into place. All that’s left is to get her pregnant. Easier to immigrate to the West that way.”

Benjamin chuckled. “And Mary isn’t on to you yet?”

Igor stamped out the cigar. “She thinks we’re soul mates. And we are…until I get my Canadian dentistry license.”

Mary appeared at the door. “The dancing has started!Come!”

“Of course, my love.” He winked at Benjamin before going back inside.

Nine months later, Mary gave birth to a boy. “Now we can go to Canada. I’ve resigned my post
from the university.”

Igor’s eyes were sad. “I feel horrible that you’re leaving your career.”

Mary smiled. “I’d do anything for you. It won’t be easy in Canada until you get your license, but we’ll get through it together.”

In Canada, the couple settled in a tiny apartment. Igor started studying for his license and Mary went looking for work.

“Oh Igor,” she cried in despair. “The only job I can get is waiting on tables. But I’ll do anything for you.”

Igor studied hard and Mary worked long shifts and cared for their son at night.

After three long years, Igor cheered. “I got it! My Canadian dentistry license!”

“Now we can have the life we dreamed of!” Mary wiped tears from her eyes.

Igor took a deep breath. “Mary, it breaks my heart to have to say this. I’m afraid I just don’t love you anymore. I made an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow morning. I think we should try to get a simple divorce.” Igor’s eyes turned cold.

Mary started yelling. “How could you do this to me? YOU USED ME JUST TO GET YOUR LICENSE! We’ll see what the judge has to say about that. I want half your license.”


In court, Mary argued firmly. “Your Honour, Igor conned me into this marriage. I gave up my career to work as a waitress so that Igor could get his license. I deserve half of his future earnings as a dentist.”

Igor threw up his hands, “Ridiculous, Your Honour. She has a right to half the family property, but you can’t give her half my license!”

Should Mary get half the license? You! Be The Judge. Then look below for the court’s decision.

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“Mary can’t have a piece of the license,” held Judge Brenda. “A dentistry license isn’t a piece of property which can be divvied up. But Mary gets $40,000 for her working at menial jobs while Igor got his license. She’s entitled to compensation for her loss in professional opportunities.”