“Alright children,” Mrs. Vernon announced to her third grade class, “get your dinosaur projects ready for the presentation. Your parents will be here soon.”

The class scrambled into action, except for Jodie who was sobbing at her desk. “Ever since my mother died, everyone’s fighting.”

Mrs. Vernon tried to be comforting. “Your family loves you. Here comes your grandfather now.”

Jodie ran to the door. “Hi Grandpa!”

Grandpa frowned. “Someone used her blouse for a napkin at lunch.”

Jodie looked down. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry. When I get custody, there will be more order in your life.”


Grandpa turned toward the door in shock. It was Boris.

“Daddy?” Jodie asked, confused.

“How dare you storm in here after years of absence?” Grandpa barked. “Jodie doesn’t even know you.”

“Well, I’m here now.”

Suddenly, a fleet of motorcycles roared into the parking lot. The children ran to the window.

“Children! Back to work,” Mrs. Vernon exclaimed.

Spike sauntered in with a helmet in one hand and a cigarette in the other. His biker buddies followed.

Spike hugged Jodie. “Hey, Kitten!”

“Hi, Daddy. Hi, Muscles, Hi Tiger.”

Boris frowned. “Why is she calling that man “Daddy”? I’m her father.”

Grandpa scowled. “Neither of you are fit to tie her shoelaces.” Spike tensed up. “I’m her step father!”

“And a great role model with those biker friends,” Grandpa Al huffed.

Spike scooped Jodie up, and put her in the buggy seat of his motorcycle to take her home. “Enough of this. We’ll settle all this in court, once and for all.”

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Grandpa pleaded. “I’ve had success raising kids and Jodie’s known me since she was born. Spike is a biker, he does drugs, and his friends are shady. Boris – he’s a drunk.”

Spike stood up. “I’m off the drugs, Your Honour. I’ve been a great stepfather to Jodie for years. Jodie wants to be with me and she needs continuity. Grandpa is a domineering old man.”

“I’m the only real father here,” Boris exclaimed. “I’ve stopped drinking and my live-in girlfriend is a wonderful person with parenting experience. Spike, on the other hand, would be a struggling single father.”

Who gets custody? You! Be The Judge. Then look below for the court’s decision.


“Boris gets custody,” held Judge Lenora. “The only question is the best interest of the child. Grandpa is too old and domineering, and Spike has some questionable friends and may not be able to handle the pressure of single parenthood. Boris, at least, has his girlfriend to help. Still, Gramps and Spike have a right to visit Jodie and be part of her life.”