Should David’s mother’s insurance pay for David’s veterinary costs? You Be The Judge!

Daylight savings time (DST) and the thievery of an hour of our precious weekends is always a hot button topic in early March around the office, work site, school yard or any other place where people gather to complain. At this time of year, daylight savings time is fairly certainly universally hated. A brief review…

Should Shawn be granted a sentencing circle even though he was driving under the influence and is responsible for his father’s death? You Be The Judge!

Do you think the court should order that mental-distress damages be paid to Kathy and Edwin? You Be The Judge!

Should Doug be ordered to share responsibility with Charles for Joe Trenton’s injuries after a party at Doug’s house? You Be The Judge!

At this seminar, Andrew Rice of Ahlstrom Wright and Mickie Resalat of RBC Dominion Securities will be discussing progressive, tax-efficient strategies for structuring your estate and protecting your family.

Do you believe that Gio and Sinclair were wrongfully dismissed from their jobs? You Be The Judge!

Do you think Frank should be declared a dangerous offender and be sentenced to jail? You Be The Judge!

Many clients believe that if they are successful in their matter, they will get all of their legal costs reimbursed by the other side. This is almost never the case without a prior agreement. Continue reading to learn what the term “costs” really means.

Should Sholom’s trips to Israel and his daughter’s wedding be allowed as business expenses? You Be The Judge!